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Other random tiger breakage

2005-05-02 19:58:31

I had this shareware app called DoubleCommand which does all kinds low-level keyboard remapping (using kernel extensions.) I used it to disable the CAPS LOCK key which my clumsy fingers always graze. (The CAPS LOCK key is, IMO, a stupid anachronism. I mean, who uses it, really? Besides BIFF.) So it's broken, and the news that it's broken until further notice is sad.

I have Virtual PC, so I can run Windows 2000 and do horrible things like run Internet Explorer to test web sites. It's complaining about the network virtual switch driver not working.

Something on my machine is using a bit more VM than usual. I keep hitting the process/VM limit, somewhere around 22GB. I think it might be the Dashboard widgets, each of which has a pretty fat (250MB) VM footprint. Ugh.